iAssets.Social is a decentralized social media platform built on the Hedera Hashgraph consensus service and supports multiple blockchains such as Ethereum, Polygon, BNBChain, Avalanche, Arbitrum, and Optimism. The platform emphasizes freedom of speech and rewards content creators with earnings from their contributions. iAssets.Social generates revenue through microtransactions for user actions like posting, reposting, commenting, liking, disliking, following, and unfollowing.

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Market Potential Value

The market potential value for iAssets.Social can be determined by analyzing the market size and growth, target audience, and revenue potential.

Market size: In 2022, the global social media market was valued at $193.52 billion, projected to grow to $434.87 billion by 2027 at a CAGR of 17.1%. With 4.62 billion active social media users worldwide as of January 2023, iAssets.Social has the potential to capture a significant share of this growing market by providing a decentralized platform supporting freedom of speech and content creators.

Target Audience

iAssets.Social caters to individuals who value freedom of speech, anonymity, and the ability to earn from their content, including activists, journalists, content creators, and users disillusioned with centralized social media platforms. By targeting these user groups, iAssets.Social can establish a loyal, engaged user base.

Revenue Potential

iAssets.Social's revenue model is based on microtransactions for various user actions, with a percentage shared between the platform and content creators. The fees and revenue distribution for each action are as follows:

  • Initial Free Balance: $0.02 (This feature can only be used for creating posts and updating profiles. It does not support following, liking, commenting, or reposting.)
  • Posting: $0.002 per post (Platform: $0.002, Content Creator: 100 ASSET tokens)
  • Reposting: $0.005 per repost (Platform: $0.0025, Content Creator: $0.0025)
  • Commenting: $0.001 per comment (Platform: $0.0005, Content Creator: $0.0005)
  • Liking: $0.001 per like (Platform: $0.0005, Content Creator: $0.0005)
  • Disliking: $0.001 per dislike (Platform: $0.0005, Content Creator: $0.0005)
  • Following: $0.01 per follow (Platform: $0.005, Content Creator: $0.005)
  • UnFollowing: $0.01 per unfollowing (Platform: $0.005, Content Creator: $0.005)
  • Blue check verification: $2.50 per month (Platform: $2.50)
  • No ads: $1.00 per month (Platform: $1.00)

Considering the vast user base of social media platforms and the potential for high user engagement, the revenue potential for iAssets.Social is substantial. For example, if the platform has 1 million active users, each engaging in an average of 100 actions per month, the potentially monthly revenue would be $100,000 (1,000,000 users x 100 actions x $0.001 per action). As the platform gains traction and attracts more users, it can achieve economies of scale and benefit from network effects, further enhancing its revenue potential.

Additionally, content creators on iAssets.Social have the opportunity to generate significant income as well. In a scenario where content creators collectively make $100,000 this would not only attract more creators to join the platform but also encourage them to produce high-quality content, ultimately resulting in increased user engagement and satisfaction. The growth of the platform's user base and engagement would benefit both iAssets.Social and its content creators, creating a self-reinforcing cycle of success.

The platform's income allocation is as follow :
  • 50% for adding and creating liquidity for the ASSET Token, the project's native token, across various decentralized exchanges:
  • SaucerSwap (Hedera)
  • UniSwap (Ethereum)
  • UniSwap (Polygon)
  • Trader Joe (Avalanche)
  • PancakeSwap (BNBchain)
  • UniSwap (Arbitrum)
  • UniSwap (Optimism)
  • 25% for marketing
  • 25% for development
Once liquidity reaches +$1 million in each of these decentralized exchanges :
  • SaucerSwap (Hedera)
  • UniSwap (Ethereum)
  • UniSwap (Polygon)
  • Trader Joe (Avalanche)
  • PancakeSwap (BNBchain)
  • UniSwap (Arbitrum)
  • UniSwap (Optimism)

All 50% of income will be distributed among ASSET Token holders, further incentivizing participation in the platform and token ownership.

Finance Information :


1. ASSET Balance: This is the balance from airdrops, where users receive 100 ASSET for posting content. At the start, withdrawing ASSET is locked and will only be unlocked if someone likes a post, follows, comments, or reposts the user's content.

2. $ Balance: This is the balance from rewards. Users can withdraw their balance in ASSET (HTS) as USD. This option is supported because the platform needs to buy back ASSET tokens to pay users, and users need to sell them to convert them into cash. This process increases the trading volume and cash flow, making it easier for other exchanges to list the ASSET token, thereby enhancing its visibility and adoption.


Total Platform Fees :

  • Total Arweave Fees
  • Total Hedera Fees
  • Total ASSET Fees

Total Platform Fees = Total Arweave Fees + Total Hedera Fees + Total ASSET Fees

Platform Net Income = (Platform Income - Total Platform Fees) - (Platform Income * 3%)

Note: The 3% is allocated for maintenance costs and operations.

Net Income Distribution per month:

  • 50% goes towards liquidity and listing ASSET on exchanges
  • 25% is allocated to the development
  • 25% is spent on marketing

This information provides an overview of the iAssets.Social accounting structure.

ASSET Token Details :
  • NBM (BEP20) was initially the native token of NFTBlackmarket, an NFT platform.
  • The platform shifted its focus to creating more DAPPs, leading to the name change to iAssets.org.
  • The NFT platform's name also changed to iAssets.Market, which is currently under development.
  • NBM (BEP20) was transformed into ASSET (BEP20).
  • NBM holders can convert their NBM to ASSET (BEP20) at a rate of 1000 NBM to 1 ASSET, with the price of 1000 NBM equaling 1 ASSET. This conversion resulted in a reduction from 1 Quadrillion NBM to 500 Billion ASSET because 50% of NBM tokens were burned after the NBM launch.
  • 84.89% of NBM has been burned, with holders receiving ASSET (BEP20) in exchange. Others can still burn their NBM tokens to receive ASSET (BEP20) as well
  • A decentralized social media platform, iAssets.Social, was developed.
  • ASSET (BEP20) was transformed into ASSET (HTS) on the Hedera network, with the intention of migrating the ASSET (BEP20) token to the Hedera network for low fees ($0.0001) and fast transactions (3 seconds).
  • The purpose of this migration is to enable DAO, community ownership, active stewardship, and use as a utility token.
  • NBM is still available for trade on PancakeSwap, while ASSET (BEP20) will also be available for trade on PancakeSwap for users that didn't update their tokens yet.
  • Through Hashport, ASSET (HTS) will be bridged to other networks and made available on Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, BNBchain, Arbitrum, and Optimism.
Why iAssets.Social?

The importance of an uncensored Web3 social media platform cannot be understated. Big tech social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have been known to censor crucial information, including research by doctors and professors on the dangers of COVID vaccines. The consequences of these actions are now evident, with numerous cases of vaccine-related fatalities and adverse effects reported worldwide, affecting young people and athletes alike.

In one notable instance, these platforms went so far as to block the President of the United States, Donald Trump. This blatant disregard for freedom of speech is what motivated the team behind iAssets to focus on developing a Web3 social media platform that values transparency and open communication.

In summary, iAssets.Social is a decentralized social media platform with a unique business model that supports freedom of speech, rewards content creators, and allows users to benefit from the platform's growth. With a clear revenue and token allocation plan, iAssets.Social is well-positioned to capture a significant share of the growing social media market, offering a viable alternative to traditional centralized platforms.

Problems and Solutions
  • Problem: Centralized control of social media platforms
  • Solution: iAssets.Social is a decentralized platform, preventing any single entity from controlling the platform or censoring content.
  • Problem: Censorship of content
  • Solution: iAssets.Social emphasizes freedom of speech, ensuring that all voices are heard without censorship.
  • Problem: Limited monetization opportunities for content creators
  • Solution: iAssets.Social rewards content creators with earnings from their contributions through microtransactions.
  • Problem: Lack of transparency in revenue distribution
  • Solution: iAssets.Social's revenue model is transparent, with a clear allocation plan for both platform and content creators.
  • Problem: Ad-driven revenue models causing intrusive advertising
  • Solution: iAssets.Social offers an ad-free experience for a nominal monthly fee, enhancing user experience.
  • Problem: High transaction fees
  • Solution: iAssets.Social leverages the Hedera Hashgraph consensus service for low fees and fast transactions.
  • Problem: Limited cross-chain interoperability
  • Solution: iAssets.Social supports multiple blockchains, promoting seamless integration and interoperability.
  • Problem: Inability to verify user identity
  • Solution: iAssets.Social provides blue check verification, ensuring that users are who they claim to be.
  • Problem: Restrictive content-sharing policies
  • Solution: iAssets.Social allows users to repost content, encouraging content sharing and discovery.
  • Problem: Inadequate incentives for user engagement
  • Solution: iAssets.Social rewards users for actions like liking, disliking, and commenting, driving user engagement.
  • Problem: Lack of community ownership
  • Solution: iAssets.Social enables DAO and community ownership, empowering users to have a say in platform governance.
  • Problem: Limited support for content creators' growth
  • Solution: iAssets.Social shares revenue with content creators, encouraging their growth and development.
  • Problem: Centralized platforms profiting off user data
  • Solution: iAssets.Social's decentralized nature ensures that user data is not exploited for profit.
  • Problem: Algorithmic bias in content visibility
  • Solution: iAssets.Social's decentralized model reduces algorithmic bias and promotes content diversity.
  • Problem: Risk of platform shutdown or content deletion
  • Solution: iAssets.Social's decentralized architecture minimizes the risk of platform shutdown or content loss.
  • Problem: Inaccessibility of content for global audiences
  • Solution: iAssets.Social's cross-chain support enables accessibility for users across various blockchains.
  • Problem: Barriers to entry for new users
  • Solution: iAssets.Social's user-friendly interface and features attract users disillusioned with traditional platforms.
  • Problem: Lack of platform longevity and sustainability
  • Solution: iAssets.Social's clear revenue and token allocation plan ensures long-term platform sustainability.
  • Problem: Difficulty in tracking content performance
  • Solution: iAssets.Social allows users to track their content performance, helping them make informed decisions about their contributions.
  • Problem: Centralized control of user reputation
  • Solution: iAssets.Social puts reputation management in the hands of the community, ensuring fair and unbiased evaluations.